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Wazdan Games at PlayZilla Online Casino

Wazdan is a well-established slot provider with a strong commitment to innovation, high-quality graphics and sound, mobile compatibility, and a growing portfolio. Their partnership with PlayZilla Casino ensures that players have easy access to their exciting slot games, making Wazdan a fantastic choice for both gamblers and online casinos.

History & Milestones

Wazdan, a pioneering slot provider, has achieved several significant milestones since its inception in 2010. Their journey began with the introduction of innovative features that revolutionized the industry, such as the patented Volatility Levels™ and the Unique Gamble Feature™. Its commitment to excellence led to a series of high-profile partnerships with leading online casinos. These collaborations expanded their reach and cemented their reputation as a premier content provider. In 2019, they proudly obtained the ISO 27001 certification, demonstrating their dedication to data security. The provider’s commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering exceptional player experiences has propelled Wazdan to the forefront of the iGaming industry.

Regions of Operation

Wazdan has successfully operated in Australia, leveraging its diverse slot portfolio to captivate players in this vibrant market. By adhering to local regulations and collaborating with trusted partners, the company has established a strong presence, offering Australians access to their exciting slot titles and innovative features.


Wazdan holds a crucial gambling license, a cornerstone of trust and integrity in the iGaming industry. This license, issued by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), signifies compliance with stringent regulations, ensuring fair play and user protection. It grants the provider the authority to operate in various jurisdictions, reinforcing its commitment to responsible gaming.

Wazdan Slots and Casino Games

Wazdan boasts an extensive array of diverse gaming experiences, primarily focusing on their renowned slot titles. Their portfolio showcases a rich tapestry of themes, from classic fruit-themed slots to immersive adventures. Each creation features stunning graphics, innovative mechanics, and captivating narratives, ensuring a broad appeal to a global audience. Its commitment to diversity ensures that players encounter a wide range of choices, whether seeking simplicity or intricate gameplay, making them a preferred choice among online gaming enthusiasts.

Classic Slots

Wazdan’s classic offerings are a timeless delight. These vintage-inspired creations capture the essence of traditional one-armed bandits with a modern twist. With familiar symbols and straightforward gameplay, its classic slots evoke nostalgia while delivering an engaging and rewarding experience for players who appreciate the charm of simplicity.


Video Slots

Wazdan’s video slot collection is a testament to innovation and entertainment. These dynamic creations feature immersive narratives, stunning visuals, and innovative gameplay mechanics. Players are drawn into captivating storylines, and with a variety of themes and features, its video slots offer endless excitement and opportunities for big wins.

Progressive Slots

Wazdan’s progressive jackpot offerings are a thrilling pursuit of massive prizes. These jackpot slots feature ever-growing rewards that can be life-changing. With exciting gameplay and the chance to win big, players are continuously enticed by the potential for colossal payouts in its progressive titles.

Advantages and Features

The slot offerings stand out due to several key advantages and features:

  • Innovative Gameplay Mechanics: Wazdan’s slots are renowned for their innovative features like Volatility Levels and Unique Gamble Feature. Players have the freedom to customize their gaming experience, adjusting volatility to suit their preferences and enjoying the thrill of unique gambling options.
  • Immersive Visuals and Sound: The provider prioritizes stunning graphics and immersive soundscapes, elevating user engagement. Each slot transports to a different world, enhancing the overall experience and making every spin a captivating journey.
  • Mobile-Friendly Design: The provider ensures that their slots are accessible on various devices, maintaining quality and performance on both desktop and mobile platforms. This adaptability provides players with the flexibility to enjoy their favorite games anywhere, anytime.

Security of Software

Wazdan prioritizes user data protection with robust encryption measures. Their commitment to cybersecurity ensures a safe and trustworthy gaming environment. Players can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that their personal and financial information is safeguarded while they enjoy its offerings.

Wazdan Slots with Best RTP

Wazdan Provider

Here are five titles known for their impressive Return to Player (RTP) percentages:

  1. Magic Stars 9: With a high RTP, this celestial-themed game offers a chance at substantial returns while enjoying its enchanting gameplay.
  2. Lucky Reels: Featuring a classic slot vibe, Lucky Reels combines nostalgia with a favorable RTP, making it a popular choice among enthusiasts.
  3. Fruits Go Bananas: A fruit-themed slot with a generous RTP, Fruits Go Bananas provides players with fruity fun and rewarding spins.
  4. Great Book of Magic Deluxe: This mystical slot boasts a compelling RTP, enticing users with its spellbinding theme and potential for magical wins.
  5. Hot 777 Deluxe: With a sizzling hot design and a competitive RTP, Hot 777 Deluxe offers players a chance to turn up the heat on their winnings.

Other Types of Casino Games from Wazdan

Wazdan extends its gaming portfolio beyond slots, offering a diverse range of casino experiences. Their catalog includes captivating table games such as blackjack and roulette, providing players with the thrill of traditional casino gameplay. Additionally, the company offers a selection of specialty games like scratch cards and keno, adding variety to the gaming experience. With their commitment to quality and innovation, Wazdan ensures that enthusiasts can explore a wide array of entertainment options beyond spinning the reels.